Tired of Tech: can you really escape ‘modern life’ and would you want to?

In this fast-paced technological world, there are some people who feel the need to escape it all and move to a community that is off-grid or at least seek to live a very low-tech lifestyle.

Modern life is heavily reliant upon technology. So much so, that it can be pretty near impossible to remove yourself from it or cease to be part of it (think about CCTV around our towns and cities).

Giving it up

How much technology would you be able to give up or live without?  What technology do you have around you right now and how much tech is embedded into your everyday life – could you actually live without it?

  • TV / satellite, cable, etc.
  • WiFi / Internet
  • PC / Laptop / iPad / Phone
  • heating / washing machine / dishwasher


There are communities of people who have chosen to leave the modern world behind (no I’m not talking about civil war re-enactment societies). How do you ‘sign-up’ to living in one of these modern Utopias?  Needless to say, there are websites for this. Do you have to renounce your worldly goods (as a monk/nun would do) and do you have to financially contribute to the Utopia on arrival?

Alternative living

Here’s an alternative to going off-grid and leaving it all behind – a modern day commune

Further Reading:

Is it legal to live off-grid in the UK?

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